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Term used to describe white or non-negroid girls who specifically look to engage in sex with blacks (bestiality). They are the bane of their fathers and the stain on their family's name. Characterized by a tendency to adopt 'black aesthetics', favoring braided or dreadlocked hair, gold teeth, patterns shaved into their eyebrows, purposefully speaking English poorly and acting unintelligent. Niggermeat tends to also be overweight with very poor standards of personal hygiene.
They will deride their own cultures and adopt an outlook of black sympathy, often embarrassing others of their race around them by quoting so-called black revolutionaries (magic niggers) presumably because this helps them reason against the insanity of taking a black dick from a 'untermensch'.

Black men are often seen attempting to brag about 'catching a white wimmunz'. When infact they're usually only able to be caught, because their own race threw them.
It is widely accepted that any non-black who has (willing) sex *cough* with a black person, is mentally deficient or has been passed over by their own kind. HIV has always been spread by sex with blacks and this is how it got into actual human communities.
John: Just met my daughter's husband to be.
Frank: That's great, what's he like?
John: A nigger.
Frank: I'm so sorry. Never knew she'd turn out to be niggermeat.
John: Fucking niggers.
by TokunBlakk May 05, 2013
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A stolen meat product, or person that is cheap, high in fat and has no satisfying nutritional value.
Brotha lynch hung -
corpse came to dinner
" I was a scavenger fourteen years old eatin scavs, graduated from nigger meat but i don't wanna brag. "
by killa k west side April 26, 2006
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