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When you are tired of the the ignorant antics of Black people. The antics are usually of a nature that makes the Black race look bad in public and are usually defined by an extreme amount of stereotypical behavior that is not flattering. As a result, the person that recognizes this behavior because frustrated to the point of removing all care. When you are "tired of niggas", you have niggalepsy, or you are considered a niggaleptic.
Did you see that video on Worldstarr? Man that shit triggered by niggalepsy. So tired.

I can't drive with the radio on the Hip Hop stations lately. Cause if my niggalepsy kicks in, I might fall asleep at the wheel.

John: Hey you going to the hood club spot with us?
Alex: Sorry guys I can't. I'm niggaleptic.
John: Ohhhh! Right.
by Merc80 January 25, 2011
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