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Now that the USA has a "black" president (who is mostly Arabic), we are a black nation. Now let us have Kwanzaa you inbred Nigericans.
Bill: yo brother, it's that time of the year ...
Terrance: yeah my nigga, Kwanzaa - the national holiday for all Nigercans in the US of nigga A.
Cletus: I am now a true Nigerican. Thank you Obama for being the first black president's that is really an Arab.
Obama: My fellow Nigericans, this is being those a black nations now and I want my's peoples to being have those dreams they'd be dreaming about - about having those them there whte peoples cleaning our toilets. Ours nation be's for the nigger, to the nigger, and by the nigger, for all the niggers.
Now lets have them us a real inauguration and let's do's some real blasphemy while I being swearing my nigger ass in on the Koran.
Now, all you all's, repeat this shit I's gots so my nigger friends that mostly being serving time in prison got's some hope. I loves me being a nigger and I love my other niggers that have being held down by the white mans. Let's start our self's a welfares plan to be taking care of ours niggers and make those crackers pay for whipping mine grandaddy! We can make this here country our nigger nation! We can make this here country Nigerica! Obama 2008, I'ms being the nigger that decieved all you all! You fucken stupid crackers - I can't believe you voted for me's ! No matters what, I nows you's massa and yo are my slavezd!

Obama for president! I am your nigger! I may be your sand nigger, bit I am still your nigger, and nothing but a nigger just the same. Obama - Who's you nigger?
by We Gottus a nigga pres November 04, 2008
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