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NigK (pronounced Niggggg-followed by a "ck" sound). Nigk is from the Southern part of America called "the Deep South." When Nigk is not studying in the library, or hanging out with family or friends, Nigk enjoys putting shock collars on his slaves. As a slave you might think that you have a 10mile radius in which to escape, hide, or do anything you like, Nigk would tell you "Nigk please! I really put them on a 1 mile radius. I don't know why I said ten." Really though, Michael Caine stepped in and told us that "some people just like to watch the world burn or get shocked by their slave shock collars." Nigk sometimes likes to try and convince others that he enjoys using LexisNexis, but Nigk, please, everyone knows that he is probably lying to earn lexispoints. Nigk is said to type as fast as lighting. In all reality it is probably slower, but faster than thunder. Nigk is also a bully, he preys on those with less fortunate typing skills and tries to ruin their life by saying they type like "trolls." Nigk, Please, Trolls, as it turns out, are quite fast at typing, winning the "Worlds Fastest Typsters" contest 1000 years in a row. An example would be "hey troll type something fast and a troll would pound the keyboard like this: dsf;jq;fd'sodhigdgsa;d;fhhlsdfah. Woah, that was fast. Nigk is sometimes racist, but true.
Hey Nigk? What?

Do you like to Nigk? Sixty percent of the time I like to all the time.

What does Nigk smell like? It smells like roses and southern gentlemen.

Did you read about that Nigk? No.
by NotChuckHAHA October 16, 2013
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