A Family of mostly Latinos against abuse and prison establishments. Started in jails in PR against Corectional Officer and inmate abuse. All ya dumb gangstas should thank Nietas. If it wasnt for them alot of ya would be raped and abused while in prison.
C/O s were shaking us down everyday, steaqling our commisary, and masing us for no reason. If the NIETAS didnt start that riot we wouldve all been at their mercy.
by I AM Art May 1, 2008
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The name Nieta is only given to two female children per decade.
The above is true for two reasons:
1: The baby at birth is recognizable as being perfect,
2: The baby at birth is recognizable as having honed and infallible skills at bullshitting her way out of any circumstance

Few such children are born in our times of Gene Pool Dilution.
Further, Nietas themselves are utterly unaware of their rarity.
Nieta: Hi, my name is Nieta. It's nice to meet you
Raghav: You're a NIETA?! Oh my god!
by Pups! October 26, 2009
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gang of hispanics mainly based n NY and NJ...
mostly wannabe LATIN KINGS
by skinny blanco July 9, 2006
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