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1. Derived from the word Nehis(german decent) which describes a person of higher class and intelligence that works hard at all things they do.
2. A man of extreme intelligence and work ethic.
3. A woman of extreme intelligence and work ethic.
4. A person that can drink 1 can of beer for every 10 pounds they weigh in a night.
5. Someone that is Entrepreneurial minded and can conduct business with ease.
6. Someone that attracts all the attention at parties.
7. Someone that has something in common with everyone they meet.
8. A person of intelligence that can point out people worth knowing or not knowing in 10 or less seconds while talking with said person for the first time.
9. Someone of physical dexterity that demands respect.
10. Any direct decendent of Chuck Norris
11. Any person that can get in a vehicle, drink 18 beers, go in a ditch, hit 3 deer, kill 4 raccoons and still make it home safe.
12. A person that could probably pick up the other sex but wont because they arent worthy.
2. Guy 1 - did you hear that guy in class today
Guy 2 - Yeah, he was a real Niess
3. Girl one - Did you hear that chick in class today?
Girl 2 - Yeah, she was definatly a Niess
4. Guy 1- That guy can drink like a Niess
5. guy 1 - Wow, he's only 20 and so rich?
guy 2 - yeah, he's a Niess.
6. Guy 1 - Did you see those guys at the party, they were a pretty good time.
Guy 2 - Yeah I would call them a Niess for sure.
7. Yeah man, in one of my classes I met the dude. He was pretty decent i guess, likes a lot of the same stuff we like.
Guy 2- He sounds like a Niess.
8. Guy 1 - Yeah I was talking to this guy for a while and all of a suddent he called me retarded and left.
Guy 2 - He was probably a Niess.
9. Guy - Yeah man he was a big mother fucker, pretty much a Niess.
11. Guy 1 - Dude, last night I was pretty much a Niess.
by Cojani September 15, 2008
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