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Slayer of dragons. 3 time Army Ranger School Graduate. May or may not have slayed Hitler. Possible Ninja. Known in Asia as Neo-Nowka or Slayer of Mythological Creatures. Carries the sword of SWAT. Member of the SWAT Firefighter Sheriff Squad. His name spreads fear to trolls, pixies, dragons, big foot, and monguls alike. Is the only non combat- Combat Engineer in the Army. Killed 5 men with his bare hands before the age of 19. Only man to go hand to hand with Chuck Norris and survive....Did not win...but SURVIVED. Currently holds the rank of a Lieutenant right out of Basic Training. Nits sweaters for the homeless. Never speak of his name after reading this. Its already too late for me...
There can only be one Niebrander!!!!!
by PFC J Griffin January 18, 2009
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