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A beautiful, talented, athletic, and determined girl who always sees the good in people. She has an incredible sense of humor and lights up a room with her smile. Her beauty shines through no matter what the occasion. She puts her whole heart into everything she pursues. Though they might not see it, she cherishes her friends more than anything in the world and would do anything for them. She loves having a great time and takes each day as a blessing. She always takes the words right out of your mouth (in a good way).
That girl is amazing, must be a Natalie.

Wow, she's perfect, must be a Natalie

Jess - You know what's crazy?

Niduni - what?
Jess- we finish each others
Niduni - sandwhiches
Jess - thats what I was going to say
by Behappy28 August 01, 2016
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