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Someone who thinks they can do anything but can't. If asked a question regarding any subject, or if you bring up any topic the person will reply "oh ya, i know how to do that." ................. Even though in reality, that person lies like a mother f***er. And if you try to argue with this person and confront them, they will take their lies to the grave.
Man i just learned how to play this new song on guitar.

REPLY: Oh ya I know how to do that, I learned that a long time ago." <- This dude is a Nicrodomus

Dude I just beat my highscore on this new game.

REPLY: Man my highest score ever was "insert score way higher than your own" <- This dude is a Nicrodomus

You get the idea...
by GRP-en-Jwdes October 03, 2010
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