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Nickomode specifies the mindset of one who is "going crazy", or entering a state of total concentration while doing an action, usually playing a videogame or sport. The saying is usually said by, or targeting someone who is named Nick, or Nicolas.
Yo, Nick's goin' nickomode on their asses...
by J Gamer March 01, 2019
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When shuuawn scrapes u and gets Dean Malik and all the other hard 7 year old pranksters after u
Shuuawn went into Nicko mode when he got slagged off for being a wanker
by F543 February 15, 2019
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a fuck boy that gets no bitchs and measures how close he is to sucking his own dick every night and his favorite drink is mommy milk and is privileged beyond belief and say the N-word as much as possible
Who’s that transparent fucker over there?

I think he’s in NICKO MODE
by BOOBYMILK March 08, 2019
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