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A super rare Pokemon in the new game called Pokemon Go. Nickachu has the special power to suddenly make technological devices fail to work. A person who wields a Nicachu could crash wallstreet, google, or even facebook. A Nickachu is know for it's famous beard and receding hair line.
Fred got a damn Nickachu the other day and caused all the PCs on block to blue screen! Damn Nickachu!!
by Drakal30 July 08, 2016
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Nickachu is a nickname for a person called Nick. Nickachu's are really funny and handsome. To call someone Nickachu is referring to a Pokémon called pikachu... however a Nickachu is much cuter and makes amazing jokes and is really funny to be with.
Nickachu is such an amazing guy!
by Electrizzy March 25, 2017
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