A guy who is just happy with himself. He has friends, sure, but prefers his own company sometimes. Very sensitive, can have his feelings hurt from a single sentence. Is very intelligent, usually top of his class or close to it. Likes video games, and movies. Is a bit of a loner when it comes to romance. His friends like him, but that's just who he is. Nick, in short, is a shy, gentle, sensitive guy who will open up if you gain his trust and get to know him.
Guy 1: hey did you see that guy Nick?
Guy 2: yeah he looked kinda lonely.
Guy 1: that's just him, he likes his own company.
by GtG June 30, 2013
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So hot, funny, usually has a big dick, tall, caring, sweet
girl 1: whos thats?
girl 2: oh thats just nick
girl 1: oh my gosh hes hot
by babbygirll123 January 04, 2012
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One of a kind. Pretttttty neat person
But slightly annoying, well not really, but kind of.
There's this cool kid in my health class named Nick
by Kay!Gee November 27, 2007
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A good friend to all, will always be there for everyone even if he doesn't like them. Unfortunately, when it come to dating, he can never decide what he wants and never makes up his mind. When he has a great girl in front of him he always hurts her and chooses a horrible girl instead. Silly nick.
by NIKKERBOCKERRS. July 29, 2011
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A business man, who likes to get down and dirty with his girlfriend on his desk all night, so that the neighbours hear.
Kyle: Did you hear Nick and his Girlfriend last night?

Jason: Yeah! They kept banging on my wall for hours!!
by Jacobtwotwo January 15, 2008
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