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Nicholas (Nick) Raimo is the best Italian comic artist – illustrator in the world. He possesses the power to make any stupid serial killer look absolutely amazing with his drawing of them. He has the most breathtaking evil laugh I've EVAR heard before, perfect hands, the most handsomest face, the cutest lips, and the ability to burp with class. : His nose is dashing; his chin is gorgeous, and his humor is phenomenal. His style is sexy and his body orgasmic. He loves movies like "The Warriors" and "Scarface" and listens to awesome music. Point-and-click games are his favorite and chocolate is his passion. Yes, he LOVES chocolate. He is very romantic. His words alone could make a girl melt. Unlike most men in the world, he is also a gentleman, very chivalrous, courteous, and honorable. He is the Prince Charming that every girl is looking for.

Ti amo, my Stud Muffin.<3
Keep yerrr Edward Cullen! I have me a Nicholas Raimo!!

Ufff. I wish my boyfriend was Nicholas Raimo !

Hmh, what would Nicholas Raimo do?
by tiamostudmuffin November 02, 2009
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