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The guy who gives you the motivation to be better. The guy who will keep his promises regardless of the situation. The guy who is always there for you. The guy who will talk some sense into you and snap you back into reality whenever fantasy takes over. The guy who is caring and thoughtful and makes you laugh at the silliest of things. Most importantly, the guy who reminds you and gives you the security you deserve while in a relationship. Odd in many ways, unlike anyone out there, you just can't help but fall deeper in love with him. This guy is your Nicholas Damian.
1) My boyfriend always makes me mad and yet he manages to pull a smile from me. He's such a Nicholas Damian.

2) Valentine's approaching, I wish I have a Nicholas Damian to spend it with.

3) Everyone is so jealous of my Nicholas Damian.

4) Everyone needs a Nicholas Damian in their life.

5) No matter how many times I have messed up. No matter how many times I have made him mad. He always sticks it through and he never gives up. He is my one and only Nicholas Damian.
by misshat February 10, 2015
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