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A common phrase openly stated by the typical man, its meaning applies to two specific scenario. The first and more common one being when a woman with a fantastic set of funbags, despite having a "great personality", walks by a man who catches a glimpse of the glorious sight and will happily proclaim "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice TATES!", expressing his joy. The second meaning is derived from the great sense of satisfaction a man gets when he imagines what a pair of nice tates would look like pressed against his face, for when something cool or awesome happens, it becomes more than acceptable to state "Niiiice Tates" as a means of defining the awesome/cool moment.
Example 1

Dude1: "Dude check out the hot bitch wearing the soaking wet white tank-top!!!"

Dude2: "Shes got some Nice Tates!!!"

Example 2

Nadsack: "Niiiiiiiiiiice Tates!"

Chick: "Excuse me???"

Nadsack" *gets scared girly look his face "Oh im sorry! I wasnt talkin bout u! It was just the moment!"

Girl: "Ur such a loser, get a haircut."
by cockjuggling thundercunt February 21, 2010
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