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It is a way to congratulate or compliment someone when they are dating or are fucking with a hott girl.
Johnathon is dating the captain of the cheerleaading sqaud who is very sexy, and Johnathon's friend Jacob says to him,"Nice pull."
by Hessisafatfuckinjewbitch March 10, 2008
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A 2 world definition:

1) a congratulations to a Smoker in Left4Dead on pulling a survivor to incapacitation.

2) a compliment to a real-life smoker who pulls in a hot date.
1) (after a smoker pulls a survivor off a ledge or while alone) "Nice pull!"

2) (after your smoker friends nabs a hot 'date' at a bar/club) "Dude, nice pull!"
by addictedtogaming March 15, 2009
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