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A pairing in Hetalia consisting of the personifications of the nations China and Japan. The name of the pairing comes from the way the Japanese pronounce China and Japan as Chugoku and Nihon thus combining the two into NiChu. Though some believe Japan (or Kiku Honda as his human name is) could never top his older Chinese 'brother' China (or Yao Wang ... haha wang~) so they consider the name of the pairing to be inaccurate, for Japan is way too moe :3

Rival Pairings include but are not limited to: Giripan, AsaKiku, Ameripan, RoChu, KoreaxChina, Russpan, and iggyChu
Example 1:
Fanboy: "Hey watch this NiChu with me, it's super smexy~"
Example 2:
Girl 1: "NiChu is so gross! It's insest!!"
Girl 2: "insest is okay if its gay~"
Girl 1: "... true."
Girl 2: ^-^
by LgoesWhee October 23, 2011
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