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Smart, loyal, Divergent, unique, adventurous, crazy, outgoing, quirky, loving, versatile, fun, sometimes shy, curvaceous, silly, fit/athletic, charismatic girl with the biggest heart ever. She is beautiful, confident and bold, and loves attention from the one she likes. She is very persuasive and can be petty and slick with the mouth if you piss her off, but at the end of the day her heart is pure gold. She can be lazy at times but she is very detail oriented and motivated. She has goals and dreams and loves to chase the bag bayybeee. If you get her don’t lose her because she will support you, be there for you, help you, and be your ride or die. She may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but she’s a real one. Nicknames people call her are fun names like Guap, Guapiana, Guapness because her name (gay-up) is difficult to pronounce (even though it’s not... y’all just stupid and goofy).
Person 1: Ayy you see that girl over there
Person 2 : yeah who is that
Person 1: Her name is Ngueyap bro, I think I like her
Person 2: Go get her then, cuz she’s bad asfff
by TypeDead August 09, 2019
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A very nice girl with a Great heart!! Only the dumbest of the dumb would let this girl go. She is great, smart, and pretty. She also has a nice body.
by Urbandictionary_official January 01, 2018
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