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commonly pronounced "Ungare", or "Nnnnngare" but apparently the correct pronounciation is "gareh", a name originating from Nacka, Uganda.
the first three letters of the name "nga" are commonly hooked at the beginning of any other word to blacken the word.
"Ngare is from Uganda"
by Moshe Berge August 23, 2007
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Composer of the lion king theme song, and writer of several poems like: the negro speaks of rivers and let america be america again.
ngare is mexican but he pretends to be ugandan
by musharaf November 28, 2007
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When you’re to FUCKING lazy to say “hey ____ nobody FUCKING cares” so you just take the last two letters of fuckiNG and remove the c from cares. You’re majestical output is NGARES!!!
“Oh hey Alex, I got a 96% on my math exam.”
“That’s great McGuire, but unfortunately, NGARES!!!!’”
by Howthengareu May 20, 2018
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