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Nezhla is a persian/Kurdish name (also written like Nejla, with the same pronunciation) with two meanings: one means beautiful girl with black eyes,
the other means life.

Nezhla's are usually artsy and creative, they mostly have a punk/metal head look, long story short, Nezhla's are cool people, if you see one, approach them carefully.
1: who's that chick? she looks cool!

2: oh yeah that's the art geek, Nezhla.
by blarereregh October 16, 2014
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Nezhla is a persian name, means a beautiful girl with black eyes.
Nezhlas are usually emo, cool, love bloody damn cool things
Person 1: Oh who's that girl there? she looks cool with that black who T-shirt

Person 2: She's a fuckin' nezhla
by lollipop September 19, 2014
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