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A high school in southern california. It boasts an International Baccalaureate program which is overrated. The students in the program act like elitists and snobs to everyone who isn't. At Newbury Park High, if you aren't taking at least Half IB classes and aren't getting straight As you aren't going to college according to IB students. Every now and then there is a phenomenal athlete who goes to a D1 school but other than that every sports team that makes it to CIF has lost in either of the first 2 rounds. Some of the guys try to act like bad-asses but none of the fights last longer than 10 seconds. As some describe it, the students don't care enough to start fights. The students at NP are all smart (except the burnout stoners), the difference is how much the student doesn't care. The really smart IB kids care a lot but they are a small minority, the smart kids in AP don't care enough to do IB and are just in it for the extra boost on their GPA and the dumb are still smart but don't care enough to apply themselves. This is probably due to the safe and protective atmosphere where parents don't let their children leave Newbury Park's borders at night for fear of the outside world.
A- "Where do you go to school?"
B- "Newbury Park High School"
A- "Is it fun??"
B- "... no"
by boredpanther September 16, 2010
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a high school in southern california where there are and absurd amount of stoners. about 1/4 of the population smokes pot. 0 school spirit and sucks at everything sports wise except girls soccer and maybe 2 others. most students hate that they have no school spirit but does nothing to change it. most kids used to be really good at fighting, but now they are all fresh fags. has a very strong art department, and only has 3 classes a day, maybe 2 if you're lucky
"do you go to newbury park high school?"
"your football team sucks because they all smoke pot"
by yoyoyoyoyosocalreppin December 14, 2011
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