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Used as Status:
Being the Newb-Heist on a server can only be referred to as someone who shows extraordinary skills and talent. The l337 version of one who calls them self a Noob-Heist

Used as Verb:
The action of entering in a online game and slaughtering all Newbs in the server with great speed and ease.

-In other words, the l337 and legit
Used as Status:
Whoa! Did you see last night? Charlie and Dennis got pwnt by that Newb-Heist. We gotta watch out for those guys til' we get better...

Used as Verb:
Whoa! Did you see that last night? Charlie and Dennis got completely Newb-Heisted(Past tense verb translation)... We gotta watch out that doesn't happen to us...
by CaMmB March 19, 2007
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