a musical genre defined by David Keenan in the August 2003 issue of The Wire magazine. Its sound is primarily derived from psychedelia, folk, jazz, avant-garde and improvisational music.
Sunburned Hand of the Man was on the cover of The Wire, they're part of the New Weird America.
by steve rosborough December 17, 2007
A genre of literature and media that introduces contemporary weird fiction elements, postmodernist elements, high fantasy, and real world dynamics and perspectives in a hodgepodge that is better read/seen than merely assigned a definition.

Defining works of the New Weird include but aren't limited to: the novel House of Leaves, the collective Worldbuilding project SCP Foundation, the video game Control, and TV shows like Twin Peaks and Riget.
For many people, Perdido Street Station, the SCP canons, or Control was their gateway drug to the new weird: where fantasy finds a contemporary foundation.
by Somebody, but not Nobody May 16, 2022