(v.) To exploit loopholes that allow for one's accounts to show less profits than actually exist, but allow for the figures to be changed for shareholder reports. Shows incorrect figures presented in a way that are unlikely to be questioned.
Claiming that six vans @ thirty grand each were bought for the business, when in actual fact the money went to a comapny located in switzerland owned by the board of directors, and the vans were toys costing next to nothing. The money (180,000 in your chosen currency) has gone to the directors as undeclared salary that is stored offshore.
by Kung-Fu Jesus July 22, 2004
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My best account has cooked the books this year, my tax bill is the lowest ever
by john365 March 13, 2003
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a frequent practice of lying and cheating in any record bookkeeping, in order to substancially increase your own personnal profit and earnings. OR knowingly providing incorrect information in a companies financial statements. This is, needless to say, illegal.
Johnny went to jail for cooking the books at his office.
by losrunner April 9, 2004
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You’re screwed; Put in your place indefinitely; Finished; No shot at recovery
When Emily exposed to the room full of friends and family that James had a small penis, he had been cooked and booked
by ShortStackB January 17, 2020
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When a girl wears a flattering shirt that brings attention to her breasts, and hangs down to cover her fat roll. The term indicates that she purposefully misrepresenting the 'goods'
That chick is kind of cute, but I think she's cooking the books a little with that shirt.

by texaswordsmith July 24, 2008
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In that TWIX commercial where the girl makes the fool out of herself. She says, "Old man Perkins is cooking the books." In front of Old man Perkin's daughter
"Old man perkin's is cooking the books"
by joser2001 March 17, 2006
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you know you can't be lazy!
never use a messy recipe,
the cake will end up crazy.
If you do the cooking by the book, then you'll have a cake!
cooking by the book makes for a pretty cake!
by Angela(Senko) January 2, 2008
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