Pronunciation: 'nu hyü-m&n' Function: noun/adjective

A 'New Human' (nex hyuman) is primarily someone who belongs to or was born after Generation Y. That's anyone born after 1978 and onwards. What makes them new is simply the fact that they have or are witnessing life in an
Indescribably unique time that also has been dubbed the mtv/net Generations where technology, culture, physical things, people, and places have all begun to merge which has spawned informatively, mentally, socially, and physically more demanding evolutions of lifestyle taken on by people that are seemingly considered to be smarter, stronger, faster, etc... based on what all has been available to them since the economic boom of the early nineteen 80's.
Another fact, which makes them new, is that since generation x, the entire World has not yet been able to agree upon a single classification for each
generation. They've each had more than a few names while the numbers of terms keep rising as the spread of confusion increases via uncontrollable global communications. These people are most definitely going to define 'The Adaptive Age' which starts at the end of the millennial generation (2003) and ends in 2025 approximately. These will be the leaders of a new breed but New Humans shall continue on being born for much time after 2025. At least until another breed of greater more uniquely different human is announced.
Anyone who was born after 1978 A.D. is a New Human.
by Garrett Sawyer August 15, 2006