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Wii- a system that has good games, not good graphics,Cheap
PS3-2x better graphics card than Wii, good sound, top of the line graphics, good games,Expensive
360-Mix of graphics and good games,good price

Any one of the 3 is good, the whole thing about the Wii vs PS3 thing is bull, both have ups and downs.Games have a big part to do with it,Hits and Series are big Ex: PS3 most FF games are big hits while 360 has Halo3, and Wii has Zelda, all are good, i like PS3 Personally but w/e
Dino-I got PS3!!!

Jeff-pfft the thing sucks get the Wii...wheres the tv remote?

Phil-New Game systems are all the same get EM ALL!!!!!
by Mr.Nine November 08, 2006
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