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A never-been-kissed hoe refers to a slut who's so incredibly ugly that all the men she's been with have never made out with her or kissed her in foreplay, or during sex. Can also be called NBKH for short. A never-been-kissed hoe is pretty much someone who offers sex whenever; she's always on the guy's time, but she's impossible to look at so the men she's with probably won't even get into certain positions with her so they don't have to look at her face. A never-been-kissed-hoe mostly gets it from the back, anal, or oral. (Giving, and maybe receiving) The lights are always off with a never-been-kissed-hoe. And NBKHs are always easy and insecure so they'll go along with being used for sex, not even completely good sex you brag about, but just sex when no one else is around and you're really horny.
Glenda: I can't believe Paul is still cheating on his girlfriend who's out of town for that ugly, tramp, Joss.

Brenda: I know! He must be desperate for some p*ssy, because his girlfriend is gorgeous!

Glenda: Ew! You know, I can't even imagine having foreplay with that horse-looking b*tch, let alone sex.

Brenda: Well, I don't think he kisses her or anything, I think he's just in and out and doesn't even look her in the eye; he has no feelings for her!

Glenda: Why is she so insecure and easy? She's such a NBKH.

Brenda: A what?

Glenda: A never-been-kissed-hoe.

Brenda: I can see that. Definately.
by PrincessR December 05, 2009
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