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Beautiful, smart, athletic, responsible, respectful. The perfect kind of person to be around. Always a happy person! Absolutely hilarious. She can be sentimental at points too though. Nevada's usually have beautiful, long, and dark hair and have dark colored eyes. She will be very kind. And an amazing best friend. The perfect best friend you have always wished for will finally come true when you meet a Nevada! You are a very lucky person if you ever meet a Nevada, especially if you talk to her! She is always nice and smart. When she wants something.....she is very determined to go and get it! You will love to meet a Nevada. But be warned, my Nevada and your Nevada won't be the same. Not two people are EXACTLY the same. But perfect. I love her<3
"Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?" Was actually written for Nevada(person).
by Madiausmus01 November 19, 2013
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