Neutral Extraphysicalism is an extraphysicalist philosophy, derived from extraphysical monism, where there’s no dichotomy between physics and extraphysics and both are the same thing, and believing the fundamental nature of reality to be neither extraphysical nor physical; in other words it is "neutral". Neutral Extraphysicalism believes that both extraphysical and physical are made by a neutral substance that is part of the whole physics, extraphysics and existence. Neutral Extraphysicalism is often considered the most common position of extraphysical monism, being classical extraphysical monism supporter that extraphysics and physics are equal and made of the same substance while neutral extraphysicalism supports that the neutral substance that composes physics and extraphysics is what makes physics and extraphysics being equal to each other.
“Neutral Extraphysicalism is really useful for extraphysical monism and to show how extraphysical monism can actually be right and make extraphysicalism and extraphysics to survive to all it’s attempts to disapprove it and even show it’s wrong, futhermore, extraphysicalism and extraphysics are still open questions that we can explore it in the future.”
by Full Monteirism May 7, 2021
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