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n. A term used to describe one's ability to translate mentally projected instructions into manifested agility and coordination via an avatar in a virtual world.

Slang use: Describes the skills of someone who's way too good at video games; especially games that require meticulous detail and insane reaction times at breakneck speeds, such as Japanese shooters, complex fighting games, and Guitar Hero on Expert.

The term was popularized by the character Mouse in the movie "The Matrix" when describing Neo's preternatural speed, agility and reaction times during his kung-fu duel with Morpheus, despite having just learned how to use the interface of the construct program and the Matrix hacking software.
"Jesus Christ, he's fast. Take a look at his Neurokinetics, they're way above normal!"

"Dude, there's no way he got 100% on Expert; that's impossible." "I know, his Neurokinetics are off the chart."
by nutman June 18, 2009
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