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1. The occupational field of building, studying or designing robotics (or robots) that emulate "pathetic humans." quotation unattributed
2. In Computer Science, a branch of research concerned with the study (or application) of algorithms, designs and concepts from the field of Robotics directed at analyzing, assisting (e.g. rehabilitation, in cases of impairment or truncation in appendages due to injury, or resulting from neuropathy or developmental pathology), or mimicking functions or structures in human kinesiology or movement.

~Probably bastard from "neuro-" (combining form connotative to a nerve, nerves or nervous systems) + "Robotics," itself a bastard words coined by Isaac Asimov (1941).
"Neurobotics!... That's a thing, right?"

"That bikini-barista should never have given up on her primary occupational pursuits in Neurobotics."

~ Neuroboticist - "That damned Neuroboticist - he gets all the credit, but he's always just trying to copy me!"
by Sam Clemency February 28, 2010
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