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The verbal gyrations performed when trying to impress someone else, usually of the opposite sex, at a networking event. Pronounced: net-twerking.
ā€œIā€™m going to do some nettwerking tonight... I need to impress a few people and get a new job!ā€
by thewordfarmer January 17, 2018
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When a ratchet spends all day snap chatting twerk videos trying to get that dick
Also a term used by ratchets to describe extremely basic ass selfie videos of themeslves twerking alone in their bedroom or other places that aren't directly related to anything involving the need to be dancing or being turnt up
"Yo your sister been in her room all day net-twerking and blasting kesha"
"Ya that's all she does is net-twerk and eat ice cream and fight with our parents about how she's mature and should be treated like an adult"

Ratchet 1-' yo girl you seen my posts I been net-twerking all day trying to get turnt up'
Ratchet 2- 'ya I seen it you've got that net-twerk life down girl we should have a circle net-twerk session and get turnt up my moms not gonna be him till tomorrow'
by PIRATE February 08, 2015
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