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ne-ro-na /nəˈrəʊnə/ noun
1) In neuropsychology, 'Nerona' is a rare condition resulting in hyper-intelligence and frequent episodes of "humour", often accompanied by adorable laughter. Sufferers are also burdened by popularity and admiration. There is no known cure for this affliction.

2) The undocumented Eighth Wonder of the World. It is rumoured that being in the Nerona's presence induces a trance-like state of ecstasy.
3) Nerona is a fire-type pokemon who cannot be tamed. She has only appeared in Pokemon Black&White.

Primary attacks include: "savage burns" and paralysis-inducing cuteness
Weakness: bird-types

Nerona is easily identifiable by her signature call, "Yassssss!".

Not to be confused with 'Narona' or 'Verona'

See also: 'Life of the Party' , 'Gorgeous'
Doctor: "Unfortunately, you have a severe case of Nerona"

"Nerona, I choose you!!"
by Anon170603 July 03, 2017
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