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An acronym taking the first three letters of the words 'nerd' 'geek' and 'dork'. This represents the three classes of the quirky, strange, weird, and possibly intelligent social class. It is a club (if you will) meaning that if you qualify as a nerd, geek, or dork, then you belong to the Nergeedor club.

First class
Nerd-a person that is more intelligent than any geek or dork. Sure, nerds could be gamers, but gaming is not usually a nerd's top priority. Nerds may find interest in their academics, find themselves to be highly hilarious, get excited over ridiculous or weird things, obsess over things, and memorize useless information.This just names a few traits. Nerds are first class due to their ability to acheive more and have strange and unique minds.Finally, nerds love being nerds!!!

Second class
Geek-a person that could possibly find themselves to be more into 'goofy' or strange things referring to things on the internet, t.v., video games, etc. Geeks are more likely to know more about pop culture or obsess over certain things like nerds would. Despite possible average academic grades, geeks are still not as smart as nerds making them a class lower than nerds.However, they are on the brink of succeeding on becoming a nerd.

Final class
Dork-a person who may have the 'look' of a stereotipical nerd or geek, or some traits of the two. Dorks usually try to hide that they are qualified for the Nergeedor club. Dorks would be more likely to deny the fact that they are dorks at first. They could possibly be terrible at video games and are at a "C" average in academics. However, some dorks will work hard to upgrade into a geek or a nerd.Dorks also have the traits of a nerd or geek, but they don't show them proudly enough. This makes them the lowest ranking in the Nergeedor club. Being in the Nergeedor club is not a bad thing, you are just saying that you are either a nerd, geek, or a dork.
These descriptions do not name everything that a nerd, geek, or dork would consider themselves as.
Are you a nerd? a geek? a dork? Join Nergeedor, and see it in your mind.
by Sheragon D. January 26, 2007
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