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Nepneger is the dutch definition for Wigger but in Holland the term applies to allot more: A Nepneger is the white guy (usualy white trash) that says Allright Homie but by hearing that sentence it will almost immediatly send chills down your spine because it came from such a retard and sounded so idioticly with the known dutch accent. for instance hearing a Nepneger say Homie Love will make you feel as retarded as the person who said it (WARNING! : you might even feel sorry for this person).There is absolutely no plusses to the Phenomena definded Nepneger you will feel nothing but shame and remorse when around a group of them.
Also Nepnegers are known users of Weed and Hashies which will make them look even more retarded and idiotic this substance will do the seemingly impossible : Increase their level of idiocy.
it is wise not to mingle with this Phenomena for you might get caught up in their simple state of mind.
Guy#1: Sup HOOOMIE
Guy#2(In Thoughts):That guy is such a Nepneger
by Trezz July 13, 2006
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