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FIRST there was the SNAG, then came the metrosexual, retrosexual and now - if marketers are to be believed - the neosexual.

Evolutionary changes in man used to take thousands of years, but now these transformations appear to be occurring from one decade to the next.

The "neosexual" has been identified as the latest male breed, having shrugged off the femininity of the metrosexual and returned to his more masculine, primitive roots.

The research, commissioned by a deodorant company, found 81 per cent of females wanted guys to be sensitive without losing masculinity.

The demographer and author of Man Drought, Bernard Salt, said men had to reinvent themselves for new generations, as women called the shots.

"Generation Y women in their 20s and early 30s feel generally empowered to make choices that perhaps previous generations may not have had," Mr Salt said.

"They want the manliness of a James Bond, the looks of Hugh Jackman, the humour of Jim Carrey and the youth of Zac Efron."
He's not a SNAG he's a Neosexual.
by connectjon June 18, 2009
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