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A person who is against displays of human bodies which don't conform to the ideal set forth by Pornography industry. Essentially the Neo-prude takes the pre-existing repressive prudish ideology of fundamentalist religion, which condemns displays of human bodies (especially in sexual contexts) as immoral, and alters it slightly to allow only displays which are idealized by the pornography industry. The vast majority of human bodies, which don't conform to this ideal, are met with the same flood of guilt tripping and disgust that traditional prudes visit upon all of humanity. Neo-prudes are prone to justifying their prudishness by pointing to the tiny minority of people whom they are not prudish towards.
Moron: Look how fat that ugly bitch is.
Chilla: Shut the fuck up you stupid neo-prude.
by Neo-Prude Slappa December 09, 2006
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