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Neo-libertarians follow a political philosophy combining elements of libertarian and neoconservative thought that embraces incrementalism domestically, and a generally objectivist/interventionist foreign policy based on self-interest, national defense and the expansion of freedom.

Neolibertarians hold that the best form of national government is one that promotes liberty (free markets and civil liberties) and strong national defense policies, including the use of pre-emptive military engagements only if it is against a threat to freedoms and a danger to the nation. It also holds that the federal government should concern itself with these issues above all others, while leaving nearly every other issue to more local political entities: state/provincial and municipal governments, communities, and individuals. Neo-libertarians are sometimes described as "pro-capitalist conservatives" or "libertarians who support the War on Terror." Some celebrities that fit into this neo-libertarian category include talk radio personalities Larry Elder, Neal Boortz, and comedian Dennis P.J. O'Rourke.
Robby: Dude, these neo-libertarians sound like they got it right, but why isn't there anything about them on Wikipedia?
Ryan: Well, there used to be, but some ugly pacifist named Carol Moore deleted it because she doesn't believe in free speech, and thinks she's the queen of deciding what's a legit political philosophy.
Robby: Well, that totally sucks. These guys really have what the world needs.
Ryan: Well, they should start with a new name, one that roles of the tongue well.
by readbeforeopinion May 16, 2010
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