Those who continue to adhere to and sympathize with the Faqash ideology used by Siad Barre and his Faqash regime to deny the people of Somaliland and citizens of Somaliland the freedoms and liberties afforded to citizens that hail from the south of Somalia former.

Originally coined in the article 'Arr Goes To Somaliland Part V' by Mo Hussein (AKA Arr) the term Neo-Faqash also refers to those known as "Somaliland Deniers."

The Neo-Faqash typically deny the existence of Somaliland under the premise of uniting aggressively under one flag and dreaming of a Greater Somalia (which includes lands currently belonging to all of Somalia's neighboring countries).

A typical Neo-Faqash denies the existence of Somaliland whether in it's colonial, De Facto or recognized state using vague and rotated arguments.
"The Neo-Faqash constalntly dream that Somaliland gets wiped completely off the map."
by M. Hussein February 03, 2010
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