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Nelleryn is a name of an open minded girl. People usually use this word to describe a great person. Nelleryn is a girl that isn't afraid to tell you that she loves you. The minute you meet her, she takes your heart. Her beauty has this way of stunning you every time you see her. Nelleryn is a very talented person who knows how to make someone smile. She is the person you would want to trust with anything in anyway! She can be outgoing at times but may also be shy. Nelleryn is the kind of person who will put others before herself. She loves to challenge herself and is very competitive. She is also very generous and is always creating something new. Nelleryn(s) are usually destined with James(s). Nelleryn(s) can deal with the unpredictable, curious, outgoing, and introverted, happy-go-lucky and random personalities of James(s).
Sentence 1: I'm such a Nelleryn right ?

Sentence 2: It's a Nelleryn day today.
by Smoothkilla July 24, 2017
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