Name assosiated with Local Irish Folklore and going on the lash most nights of the week.

Owns several cats and dogs.
Loves any spirit drink including Rum, Vodka, Mojito. Also partial to WKD and other liquids that change the colour of your mouth.
Queen of Drama and Crazy Notions. When not becoming more shit faced she likes to sleep until drink shows up again.
Legend says if you say her name twice on the night of a full moon she will appear. Then she will insist on playing games old people play such as Scrabble and Rummy Cup.
I was taking the shuttle bus to St Ives I meet a man with 7 make a long story short one of his wives had an unsettling glazed look in her eye and threw several ematiated cats at the bus. Her name I'm told is Neimh Mulcahy.
by Harry F. Uckerburg March 5, 2012
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