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n. 1) an African-American or anyone partly African-American that is secretly an android from an unknown location. Its only two known purposes are working and revolting. It usually picks cotton and makes sweaters out of it from the cotton gin planted inside of him. All sweaters are three-fifths the price of retail sweaters. Frequently seen playing the Pokemon card game with white people and using internet slang. The true identity behind a Negroid 5000 is still unknown; rumors are said that a Negroid 5000 will eventually start a restaurant 2) a word one shouts out loud when he/she is either annoyed or pissed off

adj. 1) anyone who resembles an African-American or any of the sort. 2) any color that has the resemblance of brown or black.
A wild Negroid 5000 appeared!

Shit! That Negroid 5000's gone mad!

He/She/It SUCH a Negroid 5000.

That emo kid always wears Negroid 5000 shirts.

NEGROID 5000! Who gives a Negroid 5000 if I know what a mitochondria is?
by buttsecks. November 16, 2010
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