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Synonym for Dalit-Dravidian women. Based on common physical features they share with North American Black women, incl. black skin tones, broad platyrrhine noses, thick lips, higher testosterone levels & large steatopygian buttocks.

The large & dark 'Andhra Arse', which is considered a sign of superior womanliness in most cultures, renders the Shudra-Dravida woman immensely attractive to males of other races - cf 'A une Malabaraise' by Charles Baudelaire. However, it is difficult for non-Shudra males to satisfy the Shudrani, as the cavernous Dravidian Vagina is extremely wide & deep. For this reason traditional Indian sexological literature terms her 'Hastini' or elephant-woman. Hence, the Dravidi requires an extremely large penis for orgasm, which is typically found only in the males of her own race, who are thus rightly termed the 'Negroes of India'.

Moreover, her thick Binghi Skin & consequent lack of sensitivity implies that the Sudrani requires a long time to obtain gratification, which necessitates the famed duration & intense variety of poses practised in traditional Dravidian Sex. Typically, it is only the Shudra-Dravida male who has the erectile stamina to practise this art.

Consequently, the Dravidoid female only rarely marries outside her community, finding little pleasure with the small Caucasoid Penis. This leads to the extremely low rates of Reverse Intercaste Marriage, as compared to the prevalence of Intercaste Marriage.
1) "Albuquerque, lke many of his contemporaries, made a clear dist.n between the fairer races of northern India & of the Middle East, & the darker Dravidian races of the south; Dravidian women were frequently referred to as 'Negresses' - there was of course also a considerable element of African slaves in Port. territories in India.' 'Colonialism & Christian missions' Stephen Neill. NY: McGraw-Hill 1966, p 71, ftn

2) "Affonso de Albuquerque, the Port. conqueror of Goa in 1510, encouraged his men to marry & bring Christianity to the 'white & beautiful' widows & daughters of the Moslem men they had just killed in battle or burned alive afterward. They were discouraged away from the darker-skinned women of Dravidian origin, called "Negresses" by the Port. leader. 25 {25. Boxer, Race Rel.ns in the Port. Empire, pp 64-65}" 'Who Do We Think We Are?' Philip Yale Nicholson. London: ME Sharpe 2000, p 56

3) "Thus, in Goa, in contast to Albuquerque's hopes, a visitor noted in 1524 that 'all or the great majority {of Port. men} are married to Negresses, whom they take to Church on horseback.' 25 {25. Quoted in Neill, Christ.ty in India, 95} (By 'Negresses' the commentator means lower-caste Indians with dark skins, not women from Africa.) Some of these were slaves ..." 'Christianity & Sexuality in the Early Modern World' Merry E Wiesner-Hanks. London: Routledge 2000, p 205

4) Sheikh Chilli: I just love those Negresses of India!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza July 06, 2012
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