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Negliside is an unpleasant discovery or when you find out some shit that you'd really rather not deal with....

Something that is wrong or went wrong....something negative......

Negliside = not good.

Negliside = evilness

Negliside = ugliness

Negliside = absence of coolness

Negliside = something disgusting

Negliside = foul

Negliside = dissapointing

Negliside = something to say

Negliside = slimy

Negliside = some serious stank

Negliside = bad
This dude was cleaning up some yard bags of twigs and other miscellaneous shit that had been sitting out for a couple of years...when he was cleaning it up it was filled with all kinds of foul "negliside" consisting of bugs and other unpleasant shit that spilled out on to him causing unfavorable conditions. Pure "negliside"!

There is a fight at the party and the cops roll up and ask now what's this "negliside" all about?? (negliside is the shit that is going down!)

You are walking your dog in the park and unbeknownst to you, you step in a mess of "negliside" from another dog.

A situation occurs at work that has everyone upset. You're like this is some straight up "negliside" right here.

That "negliside" just happened!

When the mayor saw all the dead rabbits in the street he said "This is the worst case of "negliside" I've ever seen!

Also if there is nothing to say and you feel the need to say something you can just be like....."negliside"...and it works just like that!

Like if someone has some raw body odor kicking you can be like you've got a serious "negliside" problem that needs to be dealt with pronto!

If your stocks close down for the day and are in a downward spiral you are without question a victim of "negliside"
by BugleT July 29, 2009
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