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the evil, femme fatale, character from the popular book series the house of night. she is zoey's mentor and the vampyre sociology teacher, high priestess of nyx and healer at the tulsa house of night. in the first book, marked, she seems very kind and understanding to zoey, but in the second book, betrayal, zoey learns that neferet is not the person that she seems to be and that she cannot be trusted. throughout the rest of the series, readers learn that neferet is allied with kalona and darkness, that she was the one who killed loren blake and professor nolan, and is planning on enslaving all humans. Might she soon be meeting her end? Readers can only hope so as they wait for the next installment, awakening.
"She's and evil bitch? Are those the words you're searching for? Yeah, she is." - Zoey explaining Neferet to Erik

"They'll all think you're not crying because you're brave and strong. But I know you're not crying because you don't have a heart. You're not capable of caring enough to cry." - Zoey to Neferet
by arianne! August 03, 2010
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