Neetesh has many excellent qualities and some limitations. Although not overly ambitious, you are willing to work hard to reach your goals and are content to make slow, steady progress. Patient and methodical, with an ability to focus on the details, and happiest when doing tasks that involve both your mind and hands, you are inclined towards mechanical or technical projects, and could excel at many different occupations. You take time to grasp a new concept but, once mastered, you are able put it to practical use. When working on a project you do not like to be interrupted. You have a good business sense and are systematic and orderly in all your endeavours. You take your responsibilities seriously and believe that "what is worth doing, is worth doing well." Others depend on you for your unflappable, logical, and reliable qualities. Because you are so conscientious, you have to know when to step back and let others assume their share of the load. Because stability in your affairs is so important you are unlikely to gamble or take chances. This name creates a desire early in life to marry and settle down with a home and family. You make it a priority to establish a comfortable home base. Issues in close relationships could arise as you are inclined to be set in your opinions to the point of stubbornness. A tendency to worry too much could disturb your peace of mind.
Guy 1 "hey man i need your help now!"
Neetesh "okay bro i am always for you"

Guy2 "why you have a different taste in girls"
Neetesh"i like the girls who are little bit crazy and nostalgia like me"
by Thakur_is_here June 07, 2019
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