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A brave person . He fights for what’s right. He knows what his goal is and he gets there even if it practically kills him. He has an amazing smile. At times he may come of as cocky but once you get to know him he is hilarious. His jokes are amazing. He has the power of speech. He can make up something off the top of his head and make it sound like he has been practicing it for months. He is really handsome. He makes a great father. Loves to cuddle with his kids and he makes sure to create a good bond with them by spending lots of quality time with them. He has style, very stylish. Not exactly trendy but he has his own style that works just for him. He is always up with the latest technology. He has a good Taste in music. He has too many pairs of shoes almost like an addiction.
“Did you see that guy.”

Yeah he’s so cool, such a Nectaly”
by Actually_Alexis March 06, 2018
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