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A mystical creature that enhabits the land. Typically found near water sources and enjoys kebabs on a cloudy afternoon. It is often said that if you are lucky enough to find this creature, you may be fortunate to hear the cries of a younger member of its species.
They are often found in swarms, the best encounter would be to keep your distance, as they are known to be verbally aggressive, beware if you have pierced nipples as they have an extreme interest in shiny objects on squishy mounds.
Necati's are known to be good house pets and live on a diet of Haring and energy drinks, they need only the top quality body pillows, money can buy and a little night light to help them sleep as they are known to be scared of the dark.
Kana: "Wow, do you see that over there?"
Meai: "No? what is it?"
Kana: "Its a Necati!"
Meai: "Oh! you're right!"
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by Meai July 11, 2018
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