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Refers to an individual with the largest "shroom" hair concievable.

An individual with hair that controls their every action and thought, can also be used as an effective housing for everyday items such as car keys or condoms.

Also refers to a person who cannot accept the fact that they are wrong, and will continue to argue a point long after everyone has stopped caring about it.
"Dude, check out the size of that guy's ridiculous shroom!"
"What a neb"

"No, you're wrong I'm sorry"
"You're SO stupid!"

"Crap, I forgot to bring a condom!"
"Don't worry bro, I got you covered, my shroom carries all."

"Neb Nosirrah, why did you just piss in that person's eye?"
"Sorry guys, my shroom told me to"
by MonkeyShrub November 25, 2009
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