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A young girl whose primal instinct is to act like a hoe to attract as many mates as possible in a desperate attempt to fill the hole that her drunk, dead-beat father left. Typically found in the front row at bass music events and hip-hop shows wearing as little clothing as possible, even in sub-zero climates. This wild beast is known to carry many different types of diseases so be very careful when coming in close contact.
"Bro, you going to that all ages Borgore show?"
"HA! Yeah fucking right, man. That shit is gonna be wall-to-wall Neanderthots."
by DamnReptiles! February 25, 2015
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Describes a person (typically a male) who spends lots of time imitating trends (usually via social media). A "Neanderthot" can also be defined as a person who is self obsessed while showing little to no intelligence.
Harry is such a Neanderthot. He keeps taking photos of himself in the mirror.

On Instagram, David is being such a Neanderthot
by Grevi May 30, 2018
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